2009 Draft

At the draft in Montreal, the Blues selected the following players:

Round 1 – David Rundblad (#17 overall)

NHL Entry Draft Prospect Profile – David Rundblad I was very unsure about this pick at the time. However, having read what NHL.com have to say about him…I’m much more optimistic. It also gives us another strong defenseman – and teams are always on the lookout for that. The Blues have trade options now.

Round 2 – Brett Ponich (#48 overall)
NHL Entry Draft Prospect Profile – Brett Ponich
This guy is a definite project. He needs work but the Blues drafted him because they feel he has tremendous potential. This is what Jarmo had to say: “He’s very raw right now. We’ve got to be patient, … it’s a long process. He needs to get stronger, but he has tremendous upside in our opinion.”

Round 3 – Sergei Andronov (#78 overall)

NHL Entry Draft Prospect Profile – Sergei Andronov Andronov seems to be a late developer. He’s played the last two seasons in the Russian KHL and was a bit of a hit at the World Junior Championships. Always risking drafting a Russian but word is that this guy has a good character. Keep your fingers crossed.

Round 4 – Tyler Shattock (#108 overall)

NHL Entry Draft Prospect Profile – Tyler Shattock This guy went undrafted last year after missing most of the season with a broken leg. However, he can hit, play physical, score goals – sounds like a Backes in the making.

Round 6 – David Shields (#168 overall)

Erie Otters Profile – David Shields Jarmo called this guy a “puck-moving defensive defenseman” – well, you can never have enough defensemen.

Round 7 – Max Tardy (#202 overall)

NHL Entry Draft Prospect Profile – Max Tardy This is the pick that has me very interested. The Blues traded a 7th round 2010 pick to Nashville to get this guy. Jarmo obviously wanted this guy – and it’s easy to see why. Max Tardy was a finalist for the Mr Hockey Award – and the MN Hockey Hub had this to say about him: “Max Tardy, one of the best two-way forwards in the state and a University of Minnesota-Duluth recruit, leads the Greyhounds with 24 goals and 18 assists. He’s the key to much of East’s offensive attack, playing on the first line and the power play, but he also recognizes his defensive responsibilities for coach Mike Randolph’s club, which is one of the stingiest in the state at allowing goals.”

In conclusion, I think the Blues did well. Rundblad seems to be the closest to the NHL and a couple of others are obviously long-term prospects. It’s a good mix – we’ll see in a few years time how good this draft really was.


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