Weaver, Winchester and McKee…oh my.

So, yesterday, the Blues re-signed Mike Weaver and Brad Winchester to one year, $800,000 contracts and subsequently bought out the contract of Jay McKee. Good moves or bad? Let’s take a closer look at these guys.

Mike Weaver – solid, dependable and reliable. Always been looked upon as roster depth but he’s been around. He knows his game and knows his limits. With the buyout of Jay McKee, the Blues defence is increasingly younger and inexperienced. Weaver provides experience and is an excellent guy to slot in in case of injuries etc. A one year contract is a good call – and $800,000 is definitely not overpaying. He played 58 games for the Blues last season and had seven assists.

Mike Weaver Blues stats:

Games: 62
Goals: 0
Assists: 7
PIM: 12

Brad Winchester – I have one problem with Winchester. He doesn’t play mean enough. He’s a big guy – and he should be right in there, crashing the net and causing chaos. We saw glimpses of this last season and this one year contract is perfect to see whether he develops the way we all want him to. This guy could be a steal. If he can get in the faces of the opposing defenders, play mean, rude and with an attitude then we could have a really good forward on our hands. I want him planted in front of the net, daring anyone to try and move him – keep mean and be a badass, Brad. If he can do that, then I can see him taking Tkachuk’s place after next season.

Brad Winchester Blues stats:

Games: 68
Goals: 13
Assists: 8
PIM: 89

Jay McKee – great move by the Blues in buying out his contract. The Blues had to overpay bigtime to get this guy because NOBODY wanted to sign for them. It’s different now, of course. Jay was sort of the man that time forgot. You can’t dispute the fact that he was a terrific shotblocker. Unfortunately, this all took its toll and his many injuries had started to become the stuff of legend. When he was healthy, he was basically a solid, stay at home defenseman. I could see the Blues keeping him if they were paying him about $2m a season but $4m was just obviously way too much for his limited ice time. I can see him signing for another team relatively quickly – maybe going back to Buffalo – but with the young guys the Blues have coming up, there was just no room for Jay.

Jay McKee Blues stats:

Games: 162
Goals: 3
Assists 14
PIM: 102


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