Ty Conklin

It seems a good time – now that the rumour mill has slowed a bit – to take a look at our newest Blue: Ty Conklin.

Blues wanted a backup for Chris Mason. The young goalies we have in the system are not ready and nobody can expect Mason to play an entire season – no matter how close he came to it last year! Obviously, there were lots of names in the frame but the Blues went for Ty Conklin.

In the 2007-2008 season, Conklin was in Pittsburgh. He played 33 games for the Penguins with a 2.51GAA and 0.923pct, recording 2 shutouts. Last season, of course, he was in Detroit. Conklin played 41 games with a 2.51GAA and 0.909pct, managing 6 shutouts.

Blues picked Conklin up for $1.3m per season. It’s a good move – it doesn’t impact on Mason’s $3m and therefore doesn’t create the same situation as last year (with Legace throwing his toys out of the pram). Conklin won’t create waves; he’s used to being a backup and word is that he’s a good character guy in the locker room.

With Mason being UFA next season, Conklin will be in a position to nail the starter’s job – this will give one of our younger guys a target of next season to be a fully fledged NHL backup.

Great signing by the Blues.


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