Eric Brewer update

Very interesting article in today’s post-dispatch by Jeremy Rutherford – “Brewer’s Status Uncertain”. It doesn’t look good that Brewer will be available at the start of the season.

So – do we need another D-Man? As pointed out in the article, the Blues are currently sitting on a cap hit of £52million. The upper limit of the cap is £56.8m. There’s not a lot of room there and JD states that the Blues will not be going to the cap.

At the moment, we have Jackman, Colaiacovo, Polak, EJ, Weaver and Pietrangelo – with possible replacements of Tyson Strachan, Jonus Junland and Steve Wagner. That’s not a particularly experienced blue line. However – the two main UFA’s still available – Schneider and Zubov – have been struggling against injury. And if we make a trade…we’ll have to give up salary in return.

It’s a fluid situation. I’d prefer to stick as we are for the time being, keep evaluating Brewer and if the situation doesn’t look like it’s improving THEN they can think about going the trade route.


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