Lars Eller and Andy Murray

Both Jeremy Rutherford and Andy Strickland are reporting that Blues prospect, Lars Eller, has Mononucleosis and will not participate in training camp. Eller is still recovering from a shoulder injury. He will have a blood test on Friday in order to determine the extent of the Mono and how much time he’s likely to miss. This is such a shame as Eller is a very exciting prospect and there’s the probability that he’ll lose a considerable amount of time this season.

On the upside, Andy Murray took time out of his schedule to chat with fans at the St Louis Post-Dispatch Live Chat. There were some great questions and some really good answers from Coach Murray. The subjects covered included the Coach’s handling of David Perron, the playoffs, the prospects, the toughness of the team and the two opening games in Sweden.

This has to be one of the quotes of the year from Coach Murray:

“We’re going into hostile territory because it seems like half the Red Wings are Swedes. They’re going to be heavily favored in both games by the experts, and I’d like nothing better than to walk out of there with four points. We’ll play them any place in the world.”

Way to go, Coach! Hopefully, the Blues are well and truly over this Red Wing “fear” they seemed to have. The Blues need fear no-one. Our team has its confidence back – and it’s great to see. So, the last word should go to our Coach:

“I really appreciate the opportunity to interact with our fans. Your interest in our team is what energizes us all. In my position as head coach of the Blues, I have to make tough decisions. But I want you to know that I always have the best interest of this organization at heart. You may not always agree with me, but we give thought to everything we do. We care for our team, we care for our players and we care for our fans. Thanks for being interested.”


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