Blues mail it again

Kings 2 – Blues 1

Listless, sloppy, an unwillingness to shoot and overcomplicating things – accusations made against the Blues after the Thrashers game still held true for tonight’s loss to the Kings. This time we can add in bad penalties. Paul Kariya, for instance, was penalised for tripping in P1 and hooking in P2. So, a few points from the game:

  • The Blues goal was scored by Alex Steen – a shorthander in the third period.  True to form, even THIS had to be reviewed because it happened so fast nobody seemed sure.
  • Chris Mason, once again, came up with the big saves to keep the Blues in the game.
  • Cam Janssen, who replaced Patrik Berglund in the lineup, played a grand total of 5.02 minutes.  I wish Murray would give Janssen more time out there to play his game – and at least Janssen had a shot on goal.
  • Alex Pietrangelo looked good in his season debut – he looked much more confident out there.  Let’s hope he lasts past that 9 game point.
  • With our inexperienced defense, we really need the offense to step up – and they’re not doing it.  Too many players are going unnoticed – David Backes,  TJ Oshie, the aforementioned Patrik Berglund and even Paul Kariya.
  • These slow starts are KILLING this team.  We finally showed up to play in the third period – which simply is not good enough.  What happened to the intensity in the Sweden games?  That’s what we need now – except we need it to happen from the first faceoff … and not with 10 minutes left in the game.
  • David Perron – who Andy Murray blamed for the Kings second goal due to him still being on the ice when he should have gone off on a line change – at least TRIED.   He played with passion – and I’m hoping he doesn’t see the inside of the pressbox for the next game because of one case of “poor judgement”.  Others deserve the pressbox a lot more.

Okay, so two losses isn’t the end of the world – but it’s worrying when these losses are against teams we should beat.   The Blues need to get back to basics – try the simple passes and not the fancy ones – until they get that confidence back.   We play the Coyotes on Wednesday – we need to go out there physical from the start.

Highlights and postgame interviews are available on the Blues Official Site


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