Blues 1 – Penguins 5

[picapp src=”d/3/b/9/St_Louis_Blues_66b4.jpg?adImageId=6322207&imageId=6866977″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]

Oh dear. The Penguins came out hard and fast in tonight’s game and the Blues simply couldn’t cope. They seemed shell-shocked. Constantly on the back foot until one short time in the second period when the Blues pulled a goal back. After the game in Anaheim, how on earth could the Blues put up such a disappointing performance as this? How can they not have “energy” at such an early time in the season? Oh well – game reports follow:

Let’s hope tonight’s game was a blip – or a wake up call that the Blues need to take heed of.   Next up are back to back home games on Friday and Saturday against the Wild and Stars respectively.  The Blues cannot afford to coast – and they need to hustle the opposition.  Last night it was all too evident that our defense didn’t close anyone down – it was open season and it was only down to Mason’s strong play that the Blues didn’t end up 9 or 10 goals down by the end of period one.

In other news, DJ will finish his conditioning stint in Peoria and rejoin the Blues on Thursday.


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