Dave Checketts Addresses the Media

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Blues owner, Dave Checketts, addressed the media today and admitted that he was not happy with the team’s effort.

“Well, I’m frustrated like everybody else. And I think it’s frankly time to declare the wait over. I think our fans have been patient, I think we’ve been patient, John and the coaches and everybody have been on the same page – we’re going to rebuild the organization the right way. Now there is no reason for the kind of effort we saw last night. This team has everything it needs and now is the time to win.”

Mr Checketts said the team should be competing for first or second place in the division. No excuse. He did understand that guys who have been out for a full year like Kariya, Johnson and Brewer need time to acclimate but it IS time to start winning and competing. Mr Checketts is unhappy particularly with the effort on home ice. Personally, I think the Blues are lucky to have this guy. Check out the full 6.55min video on the Blues website:

Dave Checketts addresses the media


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