Bruins 4 – Blues 2

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Oh dear, oh dear. Once again, the Blues found it impossible to put in an effort for 60 minutes. 20 minutes seems to be what the Blues do now. The first period was good. The second period was bad. The third period was sloppy and slow. So, what do they need to put a rocket up them? In the Central Division, the Blues are last. 6 points behind the fourth placed team, Detroit. However, three of our next four games are against division opponents – namely, Nashville, Detroit and Columbus. Should the Blues stand pat – and see where we are after these games? We’re carrying 8 defensemen – with Junland, Strachan and Bell currently in Peoria. All very well to think of trading one or more…but who is available out there to help the Blues anaemic powerplay? Or even to simply put the puck in the net? It seems the Blues have lots of playmakers and no finishers at the moment.

Anyway – here are last night’s game reports:

The next few weeks are going to be very interesting for Blues fans.  Will the Blues be patient – and wait for players like Paul Kariya (no goals in 14 games) to solve their issues and start scoring?  Or will they dip into the trade market?  A number of supposedly good teams are having trouble –  the Ducks and Hurricanes to name two – so it could very well be the case that a change of scenery for a player or two could do some good.


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