Blues @ Stars

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Can Paul Kariya break out of his slump?

Lots of questions ahead of tonight’s game against the Stars. One of the main ones being can the Blues awful Powerplay finally start putting the puck in the net? The Blues practice this morning concentrated heavily on the powerplay – let’s see if it starts producing. A change of personnel – or maybe reverting back to the “umbrella” formation that worked last year – whatever they do, SOMETHING needs to happen to break the Blues forwards out of this slump. We have good players – there’s no question about that – so maybe it’s simply a matter of time. Given time, quality players like Paul Kariya, will start scoring. It’s just a question of when – and with the season already 25% over (and the Blues currently last in the Central Division – 6 points behind the fourth placed Red Wings) – there’s not a lot of time left. It’s all very well proposing a trade…but who is out there who can help? Who would be worth chasing at this point? And more importantly…who would we give up?

Anyway – tonight’s game. It’s going to be physical. There is no doubt about that – especially considering the Steve Ott factor from the last Blues/Stars game. As such, the Blues are sitting out Patrik Berglund tonight and replacing him with Brad Winchester. Let’s hope Winchester plays mean. The rest of the lineup remains the same – with Ty Conklin getting the start in goal tonight.

Sources: Dan O’Neill and Chris Kerber


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