Blues 0 – Blackhawks 3

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=blues+blackhawks&iid=7398182″ src=”b/8/b/c/Blues_vs_Blackhawks_6b8c.JPG?adImageId=8432606&imageId=7398182″ width=”500″ height=”390″ /]

Oh dear. That dreaded inconsistency rears its ugly head once again. After a great win at home to the Flames, the Blues go on the road to face Chicago. You would think – with the Blues current road record – that they would have a good chance against the Blackhawks. However, apart from the first section of the first period, the Blues were lacklustre – too many turnovers, too many players not picking up the opposition and not blocking shots. Not a great effort – the Blues don’t seem to be able to string games together at the moment.

So…your game reports:

Next up, the Blues are at home to the Lightning.  What’s the betting after a loss to the Blackhawks that the Blues win this next one?


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