Lightning 6 – Blues 3

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=blues+tampa+bay&iid=7410660″ src=”f/f/2/5/Tampa_Bay_Lightning_0f2f.jpg?adImageId=8476393&imageId=7410660″ width=”500″ height=”328″ /]

There’s not much left to say now. Another home defeat – another appalling performance. 10 giveaways and 18 missed shots by the Blues. How much longer do we, the fans, have to put up with these kind of performances? The Blues didn’t make changes during the offseason – they knew Kariya and Erik Johnson would be back so they merely bought in Ty Conklin to back up Chris Mason and cut Jay McKee loose, bringing in Darryl Sydor as a replacement. So, what we have is essentially the same team as last year – the same team that played so well during the second half of last season. And that begs the question of what’s going wrong this year?

They’re wildly inconsistent – play haphazardly, too many giveaways, not enough scoring. The list goes on. At home, the Blues are atrocious – the worst home record in the NHL. I’m sure teams now look forward to coming to Scottrade – last year, they hated it. The Blues USED to intimidate and physically outwork their opponents. This year we’re only getting that in flashes.

The Lightning had something last night that the Blues so obviously didn’t – the will to win. They wanted the game and it showed. And the Blues simply let them do what they wanted. This has to stop. Andy Murray apparently talked to the team for a while after the game…Sunday’s game against Vancouver will no doubt tell if it had any effect or not. With the trade freeze in effect, there’s little Management can do at this moment in time – although rumours continue to circulate that the Blues are talking to the Carolina Hurricanes about possible trades. Eric Staal is the name being bandied about. A trade might just shock this team into life – especially if it involves players that might not expect to be traded.

Anyway – if you can face it – here are your game reports:

Next up on Sunday the Blues are in Vancouver facing off against the Canucks.


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