Blues 2 – Ducks 4 – a personal view

Yan Stastny

This isn’t really a game report. I’ll post where you can find the game reports at the end of this article. This is a personal view – because this game happened to be the first time I’ve managed to see the Blues play live and in person. Being British, the chance to see NHL hockey doesn’t come along too often – so I took the opportunity to stay with friends in California and scheduled my “vacation” so I would get to see the Blues play.

The ONLY thing I would have changed would be the scoreline. The Blues deserved more than a 4-2 scoreline. But to start at the beginning…we – my Ducks friend, Pam and myself – made the Phoenix Club in good time and had a couple of beers with another Blues fan – thanks to “spectr17” from the St Louis Game Time site for making a Brit feel very welcome indeed.

We headed on over to the stadium to catch the warm ups. I managed to take a few pics of the guys before Pam told me to move over to the players tunnel – we were sitting near that. I did – and held my hand out as various Blues came off the ice. It was huge, huge buzz to be “hand tapped” by David Perron, Yan Stastny, Andy McDonald, Erik Johnson, Chris Mason and BJ Crombeen. I’m telling you, I’ve been to many sci fi conventions etc and having the hand tapping experience was a much bigger buzz than meeting Anthony Head, Jon Pertwee etc.

The other really terrific thing was meeting other Blues fans. If you passed someone in a Blues shirt, they inevitably high fived you or gave you the thumbs up. A few fans came up to us when we were sat in our seats to have a chat – lol they all seemed surprised to learn that I’m British. The cameraderie was brilliant.

I just had THE best time and, hell, even the Ducks fans seemed a mellow bunch. The pics I took are in a photobucket album here:

Blues @ Ducks pics

Please feel free to take them if you want them. So – the game? Good. The Blues played better – Barrat Jackman scored twice. They lost the game due to horrific refereeing – which is something we’re getting used to. Your game reports:

Next up are the Kings – and yes, I’ll be going.  Let’s hope I don’t end up 2-0-2.


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