Blues 4 – Kings 3

Finally. I got to see a win. And what a win. We arrived at Staples quite early and after eating we met up with Jesse – the Blues fan we’d met at the Ducks game – and some of our fantasy hockey team. We headed inside to catch the warmups and stood right by the tunnel this time and held my hand down and got “hand tapped” by most of the team – it made my night to be “tapped” twice by Cam Janssen (the guy whose name is on my blue jersey)! Once on his way to the ice and once on his way back. Hand taps included Oshie, Perron, Chris Mason, Alex Steen, Brad Winchester, Patrik Berglund et al.

The funny thing was that there were quite a number of Blues fans down by the tunnel…and new Blues Head Coach Davis Payne got a nice cheer and clap. He stood just where the Blues bench was…and the fans opposite me started up a chant. The chant was “House of Payne” – lol we all joined in. Davis Payne turned, smiled and then did that embarrassed cleaning of glasses thing.

Obviously took lots of pics before going up to the 334 section where we were sitting – great view from up there…you could really see the play develop. I was out of my seat at Perron’s goal….and damn near shouted myself hoarse at Oshie’s superbly taken goal. Seems like the creativity is starting to come back here. The fantasy hockey team took the mickey of course – but they were really a fun lot. Of course the most important thing was…BLUES WON!!!!!

I was just so damn happy to see a Blues win – and to see some great creativity and two highlight reel goals from David Perron and TJ Oshie. The Kings fans were great – no taunts and a couple of Oshie compliments. You can find my pics here: Blues pics v LA Kings – and if you want to use any of them then feel free to take them.

So – your winning game reports:

  • Blues Official Site has recap and highlights – watch them – if only for the Perron and Oshie goals.
  • St Louis Game Time notes that the Blues were both great and shaky tonight.
  • Jeremy Rutherford of the Post Dispatch notes that the Blues got their first win for their new coach – includes comments from Davis Payne, TJ Oshie and David Perron.

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