Blues 2 – Canucks 3

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=Paul+Kariya&iid=7456910″ src=”0/8/5/4/St_Louis_Blues_1b08.jpg?adImageId=9584020&imageId=7456910″ width=”396″ height=”594″ /]

So, donkey time again in Vancouver. I’m not talking about the Blues players – I’m talking about the officiating. It was dreadful. Blatant penalties that would have put the Blues on the powerplay went uncalled whereas the officials called the most incomprehensible penalties against the Blues. The so-called penalty that led to the game winning powerplay goal was a case in point. One of the Sedins got a little tap on his hand by Paul Kariya’s stick – something that happens numerous times in every game. However…Sedin the Drama Queen reacted as though someone had just shot his hand off – skating away whilst dramatically shaking the OTHER hand. The official who was merely 6 feet away didn’t call the penalty. The official who was about 70 feet away, obscured by players, DID call the penalty. Utterly ridiculous. Fans attend and watch games to see the players – they don’t go to watch fools in striped shirts trying to make a name for themselves. Officials should not be the ones to decide the outcome of the game – that’s up to the players. When the officiating is THIS bad, it honestly makes you wonder why you bother. The bad call on Kariya wasn’t the only one. David Perron also got called for high sticking – after another dramatic performance by a Canuck who deserved an Emmy for the high quality of his acting. The Canucks recently complained about a referee – is that why so many calls went their way?

Rant over – back to the game itself. The Blues didn’t play brilliantly – but they certainly deserved an OT point which they didn’t get due to referee incompetence. It all keeps coming back to the refs, doesn’t it? Anyway, Backes returned – and his pass led to Oshie’s tying goal. The trouble was that the Blues reverted at stages to their “turnover” mentality – David Perron coughing up the puck which led to the first Canuck goal. If, however, you watch that goal again…you’ll see that Perron got a nasty slash across the hand which caused him to give up the puck. Guess those wonderful officials missed another one.

Anyway, here are your game reports – from people who can describe it all much better (and in a less ranty way) than I can:

It’s the Oilers tonight – and the Blues really have to beat the Western Conference’s bottom dwelling team.  Look for Chris Mason to get the start tonight.


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