Blues 2 – Avalanche 5

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=eric+brewer&iid=7779699″ src=”c/3/0/8/St_Louis_Blues_2868.jpg?adImageId=10077699&imageId=7779699″ width=”396″ height=”594″ /]

It’s getting tired now.  More stupid calls from the officials and, for the second time in two games, a Blues disallowed goal.  Any conspiracy theorists out there would have a field day with all this.  The thing is though, it didn’t really affect the outcome.

The Blues again missed chances.  Again, defensive lapses and turnovers led to goals for the Avalanche.  The same old story.  It started so well – Eric Brewer scoring his 6th of the season to put the Blues 1 up after just over 3 minutes of the game.  The Avalanche tied the game less than a minute later before Erik Johnson put the Blues ahead again in the 8th minute.  It took until the 17th minute of the period before the Avalanche tied the game again on a powerplay goal.  That, however, was the best it got for the Blues.

The Avalanche then scored 3 goals in just over 4 minutes in the second period – with Chris Mason allowing 5 goals on 15 shots.  He had a bad game and was pulled for Ty Conklin.  Conklin made 18 saves for the Blues but it was too little too late.

It looked like the Blues might be coming back into it when TJ Oshie appeared to score.  Both Oshie and Scott Hannah were chasing a puck into the Avalanche zone.  The puck hit Hannah and went into the net.  Oshie was called up for Hooking and, amazingly, the goal was disallowed.  It’s just the way the Blues luck is running at the moment.  The Blues had their chances and simply couldn’t find a way through.

The Blues played a sloppy game – and didn’t deserve to win – but what does this say about their playoff chances?    It says a lot – the Blues are currently 7 points out of the playoffs and Nashville, in 8th place, have 2 games in hand over the Blues.   Tonight’s game against Detroit is now crucial – but we’re going to need teams above us to start losing too.  Can we do it?  I doubt it.  They’re not playing well enough.

Anyway – your game reports:

Tonight, the Red Wings visit Scottrade – a must win for the Blues.  With the Olympic Trade Freeze on Friday, the Blues have decisions to make.  According to Andy Strickland, the Blues have already made it clear to other GM’s that Carlo Colaiacovo is available.


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