Red Wings 3 – Blues 4 (S/O)

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Well, the Blues made heavy weather of it, but they won – and thoroughly deserved it. Okay, so they should have won in regulation and not handed a playoff rival a point but, the way things are going for the Blues, we’ll take what we can get.

The Red Wings goals were scrappy affairs – two of them being reviewed because they went in off skates. Of course, both were called good goals – and this time the officials were actually right. The one that caused an eyebrow raise was the Red Wings tying goal – the puck disappeared beneath a scrum in front of goal yet there was no whistle. Strange as the Blues had a play whistled dead a few nights ago when everyone could still see the puck…except the official.

However, let’s concentrate on the good things. Paul Kariya scored on home ice for the first time this season. And just to rub it in, he actually scored twice. The Red Wings scored first – despite being outshot 20-12 in the first period and it took until midway through the second period before the Blues got on the board. Paul Kariya dropped a pass back to David Perron, who tied up the Wings defender in knots before unleashing a shot on goal. The puck was tipped in by Kariya, who had planted himself in front of net, for his first at Scottrade this season. Kariya worked really hard in the game – and really deserved his second goal. He hustled behind net and robbed the Wings defender – he was hooked on the play and the puck broke free. Kariya again, went to the front of the net and was there to deftly slot home his second goal. The Blues scored twice in the second period despite being outshot 14-8.

The third period is traditionally a time for Blues fans to get nervous – and the butterflies seemed to have been banished when Andy McDonald scored his 18th of the season (following great work from Erik Johnson) to put the Blues 3-1 up. No lead is safe for the Blues though and the Wings scored twice late on in the period to take the game into overtime.

The Blues outshot the Wings 6-3 in overtime – including an excellent 3 on 2 breakaway where Steen passed to Brewer but his shot was brilliantly saved by Howard. Mention must be made of Jimmy Howard who, more than once, kept his team in the game.

It was left to the delight of the shootout to settle the game and, with the Blues 2-1 up in the shootout following goals from Oshie and Boyes, Chris Mason made a great save on Zetterberg to claim the extra point for the Blues. A very well deserved extra point.

  • The Blues Official Site has the recap, highlights and interviews with Chris Mason, Paul Kariya, Brad Boyes and Davis Payne.
  • St Louis Game Time sum it up by saying the Blues “tried to blow it” but couldn’t quite manage to.
  • Dan O’Neill of the Post Dispatch notes that the Blues blow another lead but win in the shootout with comments from Davis Payne, Paul Kariya and Chris Mason.

Next up, Blues play Toronto on Friday.


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