Avalanche 5 – Blues 3

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This kind of loss is hard to take – the Blues worked hard, battled hard, had 39 shots against the Avalanche’s 26 but it was the same old problems. Misfiring powerplay, unable to convert chances…and, yet again, horrific officiating decisions. It all started so well with Alex Steen scoring after 8 seconds of the first period – and in doing so, scored the fastest home goal in franchise history. However, the Avalanche scored two goals late in the period to finish P1 2-1 up.

Patrik Berglund tied the game after 24 seconds of the second period and, shortly after, one of those awful officiating decisions knocked the wind out of the Blues. This time, the officials disallowed a perfectly good Keith Tkachuk goal by claiming that DJ King was “in the crease”. This seemed to change later to “goaltender interference”. However the officials wanted to call it, it was quite plainly and obviously wrong.

The call came at a crucial time – having tied the game at 2-2 this goal would have put the Blues ahead. And who knows what might have happened then? The Avalanche scored another two quick goals to go 4-2 up before David Perron pulled one back to set up a grandstand finish.

The third period was all Blues. They outshot the Avalanche 14-6 but couldn’t find a way past Budaj in the Avalanche goal. With less than three minutes to go, Chris Stewart put the game firmly to bed by scoring past Chris Mason to put the Avalanche 5-3 up. With the teams around them all winning, the Blues essentially lost ground. With only 13 games left to play and being 7 points behind 8th spot, is it all over? Not yet. Mathematically, anything is possible – and the Blues still have to play Nashville three times. It just got a whole lot tougher though.

Anyway – your game reports:

Next up – Blues play the New York Rangers on Thursday.  And yes – EVERY game is a must win…


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