Blues 5 – Blackhawks 6

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This game was a perfect microcosm of the Blues season.  Started well – scoring first in fact – then a complete collapse…then a miracle comeback that JUST fell short.  I don’t know whether this was a bit of a hangover from the realisation that they are out of the playoffs but at least they played with anger and passion in the latter stages of the second period and all of the third.

The Blues scored first – a backhander from David Perron after just under 5 minutes of the first period.  Then it all went wrong.  The Blackhawks suddenly couldn’t stop scoring – three goals in just under two minutes that chased Chris Mason from the crease.  Mason gave up three goals on four shots but, to be fair, the defense DID rather hang him out to dry on one or two.  Ty Conklin took over and shortly afterwards the Blackhawks went further ahead, scoring a shorthanded goal.   The Blues went in at the end of the first period 4-1 down.

The second period didn’t start very well either as midway through the period the Blues found themselves on the wrong side of a 6-1 scoreline.  However, that’s when the anger seemed to kick in.  Roman Polak scored with less than five minutes left in the period to pull it back to 6-2.

In the final period, it was all Blues as they outshot the Blackhawks 13-4.  Brad Winchester and TJ Oshie both scored and the Blues were suddenly 6-4 down.  A penalty shot taken by Brad Boyes pulled it to 6-5 with less than a minute left.  It was too little too late however and the Blackhawks grabbed a very thankful two points.

Anyway – your game reports:


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