Huge crowds for Halak signing

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There’s no doubt that the Blues traded for one very classy guy when they acquired Jaroslav Halak from the Canadiens. Halak has grit and character – and that character was on show when it was announced that he would be signing autographs in Montreal to say goodbye and thank the fans.

Halak was charging $20 per autograph – but true to form, it wasn’t going in his pocket. All proceeds were being donated to the Ste. Justine Children’s Hospital in Montreal. And the Montreal fans responded in droves. It’s being reported that over 5000 turned up at Fairview Mall to say goodbye and wish him well.

No wonder Blues fans are excited. After all, we LOVE our character guys. Give me the guy with the character, work ethic and determination any day. The thing that strikes you about Halak is that he seems a genuinely good, level-headed and well-balanced guy. All the shenanigans in Montreal; everything that was going on behind the scenes and the guy just kept his head and took the Habs on that incredible playoff run.

Will he be a hit in St Louis? You better believe it – he is already.

Sources: Allan Walsh (Jaro’s agent) on twitter; TSN


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