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  1. Angela aka luvhockey says:

    Paulie scores at home woooooooohoooooooooooo
    Just after VS trashed him for not scoring.

  2. Hey Sister Brit
    I am a Blues Fan from Saffron Walden , Essex now living in San Diego Ca
    Married a St Louis native and adopted them back in 1999
    The marriage did not work but the love of the Blues blossomed.
    We lost our minor league team (the Gulls ) a few years ago so hockey is a rare treat for me (saw them win in San Jose last season ..only game all season boo hoo)

    If you come to the West Coast let me know
    PS my Long time partner Suzy, is from Heston in Berks and is of course a Blues fan now………..

    Phil Dempsey

    • drfrankentweed says:

      That’s fabulous! I was out on the West Coast last season – saw the Kings and Ducks games. Just after Davis Payne took over – and thankfully, saw them beat the Kings.

      I’m planning another trip over in March 2011 – to catch the Ducks and Kings games again. If I’m lucky, it’ll include a stopover prior to that to watch the Blues play the Red wings in st Louis. I have my fingers crossed anyway!

      I’m Cornish – all the way down here in Penzance – so haven’t even got any Brit hockey to watch!

  3. Caroline says:

    Found your blog completely randomly — I’m a French Canadian girl from MontrĂ©al, who’s suddenly found that she really, really liked the Blues *a lot* now for some reason… (*cough*Halak*cough*) — anyway, this is just a random hello from a random person, because it amused me to see you’ve been (and are going back) to see the Blues play on the west coast as that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing for my birthday next January…going to see the Blues play the Ducks and the Kings. (And then in March in St. Louis, to hopefully see them beat the heck out of the Habs — I’m an awful Montrealer, I’m sure!)

    …so anyway… *waves* đŸ˜‰

    • drfrankentweed says:

      LOL I’ve just bought the Halak 41 Alternate Jersey! Couldn’t resist it.

      I probably won’t be going back next year – costs an awful lot from the UK – but I should be out there the year after.

      Fabulous that you’re going to the March game – give Halak an extra loud cheer for me!

  4. J.R.G. says:

    I was googling for some images of Davis Payne, and found one that linked to this blog. Nice to see the Blues have a fan presence over there!

    How did it come to be that you’re Blues fan? Are you a native Brit or a transplant.

    I live in St. Louis, am a Blues season ticket holder and actually have a little blog of my own that I haven’t really shared with many people. It’s a journal of sketchbook drawings that I do after each game. You might dig it.

    • drfrankentweed says:


      LOL I’m a native Brit! Live in Penzance, Cornwall – was introduced to hockey by a friend in California who supports the Kings. She said I would like the game. We used to get one game a week on tv here so I stayed up till 3.30am watching – and it was a Blues/Red Wings game. Blues lost…but there was just something about them.

      A few weeks later, Blues were on again – I found myself cheering for them and realised I had found my team. LOL My SoCal friend wasn’t impressed!

      Hopefully, I should be able to start updating this site a bit more – Real life has intruded somewhat recently.

      Your sketches are excellent! I’m happy to put a link to your site from here.

      • JRG says:

        I know how you feel. The wife and I recently had our first child. So some of the sketches have been rather late.

        Please feel free to link to my blog, even though it’s no where near as complete as I hope it will be soon. Perhaps during the all-star break I’ll update it.

        Love your story, and I’ll be sure to link to yours as well!


  5. The Mayor says:

    Thought you would enjoy this inteview with Blues tough guy Cam Janssen. He provides funny and insighful comments when talking about the LA Kings, how he scouts NHL tough guys, Keith Tkachuk’s retirement, adding Jaroslav Halak to the Blues, playing for his hometown team, twitter and much more…


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